To work with one of the world's most iconic beauty brand on a number of firsts...
We partnered with YSL Beauté to explore and capture the potential of Web3 and NFT in order to engage stronger with the brand community. But we did it in a way that allow anyone, crypto-natives or crypto-agnostics, to enter in web3 with YSL Beauté. To make web3 accessible to everyone, crypto native or newcomer, the NFTs can be claimed within a YSL Beauty Wallet app powered by Arianee, including a state-of-the-art Ethereum-based wallet technology that offers a seamless user experience.


One of the great things about working with one of the most inspiring creative businesses on the planet, is that you're never short of inspiration!

Inspired by the rising web3 projects, we developed an entire ecosystem to engage and rewards our community. Based on the creation of a branded wallet, accessible both on iPhone and Android, we launched a user journey that can compete with the most advanced web3 projects.

Always committed to pioneering change, YSL Beauté opens a whole new way of exploring and connecting its communities around the world, all built on the latest web3 technologies. As a brand, YSL Beauté is always responsive to emerging cultural trends, thrilled to experiment and co-create a place where everyone can feel confident, audacious, empowered and most of all, free.

Discover the vision of the brand at, a token-gated page that will become the hub of the YSL Beauté web3 journey.


Allow YSL customers to 'Discover beauty like never before' through creating...

  • The first NFT based engagement program for the brand (CRM)
  • Social tokens for confirmed and upcoming artists in partnership with the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) P00LS
  • A branded wallet to host branded NFTs minted on Polygon with the Arianee Protocol that will unlock utilities
  • Multiple NFT drops in 2022


We're proud to have helped YSL enter the Web3 space before many other beauty brands and we're eagerly awaiting the results of our work together.

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