Experience the heartwarming charm of Knoxville through the lens of its furry residents, as Visit Knoxville unveils an enchanting portrayal of the city's pet-friendly spirit. Join us on an unforgettable adventure designed to delight both pets and their devoted companions, showcasing Knoxville's abundant offerings for every member of the family.

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Many know and love Knoxville for its Southern hospitality, and our four-legged friends are no exception. From dog-friendly hotels, patios, and shops to parks, trails, and Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, this town has something to help every furry member of the family feel at home.

Kim Bumpas

President, Visit Knoxville

Visit Knoxville sought to effectively showcase the city's pet-friendliness to attract pet owners as tourists. With an increasing number of Americans opting to travel with their pets, there was a growing market to tap into. The goal was not only to appeal to the pet owners but also to create an engaging campaign that would capture the attention of their furry companions. This required a creative approach that would highlight Knoxville's unique offerings for pets and their human companions alike.

In partnership with Visit Knoxville, we conceptualized the idea of producing a short film specifically designed for dogs and their human companions. Titled "Welcome to Barxville, A Knoxville Dogumentary," the film aimed to provide a unique perspective on Knoxville's pet-friendliness through the eyes, ears, nose, and paws of a dog. Leveraging the voice talents of notable personalities such as Peyton Manning, Drew and Ellie Holcomb, and members of the University of Tennessee Women’s Athletics Program, the film would add an extra layer of appeal to both pet owners and potential visitors.

Collaborating closely with veterinary and dog behavior experts, the team embarked on a journey to create an immersive experience tailored to canine sensibilities. Extensive research and testing were conducted to curate captivating images and auditory cues that would resonate with dogs. Additionally, meticulous color grading adjustments were made to enhance the vibrancy of colors visible to dogs, catering to their dichromatic vision. The film was crafted not just for human enjoyment but also to captivate and entertain the four-legged friends that would be watching alongside their owners.

"Welcome to Barxville, A Knoxville Dogumentary" served as a comprehensive showcase of Knoxville's pet-friendly attractions. The film featured various dog-friendly hotels, parks, restaurants, trails, and iconic sites, narrated by the charming Hank, a lovable golden retriever. Highlighting Knoxville's Urban Wilderness, which boasts over 60 miles of multi-use dog-friendly trails, the film emphasized the city's commitment to providing enjoyable experiences for pets and their owners. Dog-friendly establishments such as hotels, shops, restaurants, and breweries were prominently featured, along with popular attractions like the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and the Visit Knoxville Visitors Center. The campaign also included dog-friendly ads launched earlier in the year, which successfully generated significant hotel bookings and revenue, underscoring the appeal of pet-friendly destinations like Knoxville in the U.S. This holistic approach aimed to position Knoxville as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country, inviting pet owners and their furry companions to embark on an unforgettable journey through its welcoming streets and scenic landscapes.

From dog-friendly hotels, parks, and shops to trails and iconic sites, Knoxville offers something to help every furry member of the family feel at home. To watch the entire dogumentary, check out Visit Knoxville on YouTube here.

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