AB is one of the leading brands in food retail. It stands for product superiority, service excellency and value for money but needs to build further the emotional connection with its customers and be the indisputable enabler for connection through food.


Our relation to food is unique. For us, food plays a special, almost magical role in our lives. More than just the quality of the ingredients, unique recipes and careful preparation. It’s through food that our most meaningful connections are forged and strengthened.


“What are we going to eat today?” This universal question, same every day in every single household, encapsulates our inherited relation to food. This is our starting point, this is what ignites all expressions of care. it is the way to express this care and love for our loved ones. Because we’re not just eating, we’re sharing moments of joy with our loved ones, we discuss, argue, fall in love, nurture our family, bond with friends, make new ones and all start from this simple question.


The outcome was a warm, every day, super natural campaign of human relationship stories around food and all starting with this simple question: what are we going to eat today?

The campaign was deployed 360 in every touchpoint, physical and digital and to all AB’s communication pillars creating a unique and strong branding.

We created and produced, through our production house, 4 main brand/manifesto tvcs and 3-4 weekly promos X 52 weeks


Right after the launch of the campaign awareness and likability levels have been immediately increased while we expect to deliver brand affinity and engagement uplift.

AB UVP 2021 Manifesto LV v15 65s mu 09 FIN Eng Subs VO
Ab implementation

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