Flying solo? KFC has created the perfect dining experience for you.

For those flying solo or just happy eating alone, we launched the world's first KFC ‘Bucket for One’ Ferris Wheel – so when riders buy a KFC Bucket for One, they can hop onboard this whimsical Ferris wheel with only one cabin and enjoy some alone time with their very own bucket of finger-licking good KFC chicken.

'Wheel for One' is an elevated dining experience exclusively for one, an experience that takes solo dining to new heights, free from distractions so no one can bother you in your finger-lickin' good moment.

What's the perfect match with 'Bucket For One?' It must be an exclusive place that only one can enjoy. KFC takes you on a Ferris wheel ride to escape from the hectic crowd so you can enjoy to the fullest the world's first single-capsule Ferris wheel – Wheel For One.

Park Wannasiri

Chief Creative Officer

KFC's iconic bucket was invented for sharing. But when someone loves their KFC so much they find it difficult to share, how does the brand reach out to be considered by solo diners?

To make a place for everyone around our buckets, we introduced 'Bucket for One' – a bucket specially designed for not sharing. However, when our stores get busy and it doesn't suit the "me time" moment, we needed to take the self-love solo bucket moment to the next level – literally.

KFC believes there’s a time and place for everyone with our buckets, whether sharing or solo. With 'Bucket for One' we flipped the idea that sharing is caring on its head.

By shifting the mindset that KFC buckets are just for sharing occasions, we announced that it's perfectly acceptable to escape from friends' who covet your delicious bucket of KFC chicken.

Introducing 'Wheel for One' – an elevated dining experience in the world's first single-capsule Ferris wheel.

A ride exclusively for one, we created an experience that took solo dining to new heights, switching up the idea that eating alone is sad, lonely or selfish.

Free from distractions where no one can bother you in your "me time" moment, 'Wheel for One' is a personalized experience and indulgent treat for anyone who wants it.

Thousands of people witnessed 'Wheel for One' live during Valentine’s Week. And in partnership with influencers and lifestyle publishers, we generated big buzz on social media, reaching a broad audience and gaining coverage in several mass-reach news channels and publications.

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