More than launching a new product, the challenge was to launch a new category within the German market, so the campaign for Heinz Tomato Frito is built around the concept "Your Heinz for Cooking", thus mentioning that the new product leaves the table and enters the kitchen. For this campaign, we worked in collaboration with VML Germany.

The launch of Heinz Tomato Frito in Germany is one of our biggest challenges in Europe this year; Heinz leaves the table and enters the kitchen with a completely new product in one of our biggest markets.

Paula Marconi

Heinz Chief Marketing Officer Continental Europe

Kraft Heinz launched a new product on the German market: Heinz Tomato Frito. However, this tomato sauce, which is so popular in Mediterranean countries, was a complete unknown on the German market. Most German consumers knew neither its ingredients nor its possible uses. For this reason, the challenge, rather than launching a new product, was to launch a new category, without losing brand ownership.

The inspiration is based on a purely didactic approach and an ironic tone, detailing through symbols and graphics what can and cannot be done with the new sauce, differentiating it at all times from the popular Heinz Ketchup sauce.

The whole campaign was built under the claim "Your Heinz for Cooking", where the campaign was based on the differences between Tomato Frito and Tomato Ketchup. We looked for an over-explained tone, images with an excessively ordered composition and graphics and annotations almost as if they were an instruction manual, all seeking to enhance the humour and sarcastic tone of the piece.

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