Why Commercetools?

  • Commercetools offers the industry’s first API and cloud-based solution for commerce.
  • Guaranteed response time. The platform automatically scales with your needs, ensuring ongoing performance.
  • Pick and choose what you need to be successful in digital commerce - including developing customised integrations with a range of ERP, CRM and CMS solutions.
  • Supports a wide range of B2C and B2B application scenarios – from classic webstore front ends to highly individualised shopping experiences on all devices.
  • Services include API-first commerce, microservices architecture, experience-driven commerce, omnichannel and social commerce solutions.
  • Features and benefits include omnichannel PIM, order management, payment, internationalisation, integrations, and cloud hosting and service.

Creating seamless customer experiences

Smartphones, tablets, mobile devices and digital POS: the world is changing rapidly, and today’s shoppers are looking for a consistent shopping experience across all channels. Customers demand to seamlessly transact anywhere, at any time. Every sale is the culmination of potentially dozens of interactions with a consumer.

Commercetools’ Software-as-a-Service approach, its adaption of the most flexible technologies, its opensource philosophy and strong support of an API and microservices infrastructure, all enable its customers to quickly build highly individual shopping experiences, without having to change their entire IT ecosystem first

In an age of digital disruption, experiences need to be both powerful and memorable for customers. VML has a proven track record in delivering these experiences and we are therefore very proud to be added to their product portfolio.

Dirk Weckerlei

Head of Partner Management, Commercetools

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