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As a member of the MACH Alliance, VML Commerce has been delivering MACH-based solutions for over a decade. Working with Contentful, a member of the MACH alliance since 2021, means we can plug a world-class CMS into your composable stack and quickly enable you to orchestrate experiences that fuel your growth.

Hero isero 1

Isero wanted to replace multiple online brand sites with one central online channel, optimising customer journeys for diverse B2B buyers; driving return visits and boosting NPS. For greater agility Contentful was selected and the platform now manages all content within Isero’s PWA storefront, enabling them to offer a personalised CX to buyers

Rowing machine

We partnered with Hydrow to reimagine the brand’s digital experience and create an omnichannel engagement hub for rowing enthusiasts. This resulted in a composable commerce solution that unites Contentful, Shopify Plus, and other best-in-class technology to create an ecosystem that delivers a personalised experience across the customer journey.

Build accessibility into your platform DNA

Underpinning our partnership is a shared ambition to invest in accessible and inclusive experiences and design. As a part of this commitment, Contentful is providing tools and expertise to enhance existing offerings such as WPP Open Brand Guardian, our powerful accessibility tool.

WPP Open Brand Guardian leverages the power of AI to enable inclusive, consistent content and experiences for brands, significantly reducing the time spent on reviewing, revising and approving marketing campaigns and overall workload. With its plug-and-play solution, Brand Guardian seamlessly integrates with Contentful’s platform and can scale across multiple brands and regions, efficiently analysing all creative assets.

WPP Achieves Platinum Partner Status within Contentful Solution Partner Program

The Contentful Partner Program is a global ecosystem of digital agencies, system integrators, consultancies, and complementary technology providers designed to connect organizations with everything required to build, launch, and deliver digital products and experiences built on Contentful.

Achieving Platinum partner status within the Contentful Solution Partner Program signifies that we are one of the most experienced and knowledgeable partners in the Contentful Ecosystem, and have a proven track record of being able to successfully execute large and complex implementations for mid-market to enterprise organizations.

“We are thrilled that WPP has achieved Platinum status within the Contentful Solution Partner Program,” said Patrick Finn, VP of Channels & Alliances at Contentful. “Our Platinum partners deliver exceptional value to our customers as they are the most knowledgeable and experienced partners in the Contentful ecosystem. Our customers rely on them to create innovative and leading digital experiences centered around content.”

Our partnership enables us to deliver the best outcomes possible for every one of our customers, and I'm thrilled to see the benefits of our composable content platform come to life with the expertise of the outstanding agencies within the WPP network, such as VML Commerce.

Steve Sloan

Chief Executive Officer, Contentful

Services clients can benefit from:

  • Composable DXP (Digital Experience Platform) design that enables current and future business needs.
  • Technology strategy definition that enables the platform to fulfil business needs.
  • Composable architecture design, tailored to your needs, built in an extensible way and ready for any new business requirement.
  • Legacy platform migration with structured content to deliver personalised experiences across multiple channels.
  • Content model definition and implementation that enables content reuse, multi-channel presence and global reach.
  • Expert consultancy services to realise the benefits and capabilities of headless CMS, commerce engines and other solutions from the MACH Alliance landscape.
  • Systems integration including CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems.
  • Composable commerce delivery, where Contentful plays hand-in-hand with a commerce engine.
  • Ongoing support to ensure that the composed architecture is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Training on the use of headless CMS and content modelling functionalities.
  • Hosting optimisation, by delivering UI using best-in-class technologies that leverage content APIs available on the Contentful platform.
  • Powering native mobile apps to allow business team members to update without having to release to the app stores.

Getting started with Contentful

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