We use Azure as a key platform for the delivery of next generation experience and commerce solutions. We apply battle-tested, best practice cloud architectures that can be adopted to the unique needs of any brand.

Working closely with Microsoft we leverage the scale, power and economy of the Azure cloud to migrate legacy workloads, create next-generation user experiences, integrate SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services at scale, and to analyse and deliver data in innovative ways. We advocate a DevOps approach, working hand in hand with operations, to deliver an always-on, robust approach along with a range of services to help teams adopt to cloud-native solutions.

Using Azure to host the next generation of customer experiences allows brands to respond seamlessly to changes in demand, reacting rapidly to traffic increases. It’s safe and secure, enabling them to handle data with the highest levels of privacy, access control and security, and brands only pay for what they use, creating agility and efficiencies that an on-premise infrastructure simply can’t provide.

Azure's data tooling also provides low latency data, driving advanced personalisation and helping retailers and businesses to understand the needs of their customers in more detail and respond to them faster than ever before.


Together VML and Microsoft have developed cutting-edge solutions such as Brand Guardian which is powered by Microsoft AI. It's an AI driven platform that gives marketing, creative and production teams total content quality assurance at scale. With Brand Guardian on your team, your content and assets will be liquid, consistent, compliant and inclusive.

Brand Guardian can help you with:

  • Quality control
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusion & diversity across your content
  • Brand compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Omnichannel distribution

To learn more about Brand Guardian, get in touch.

AI for good

We have worked closely with Microsoft to champion AI for good, particularly in the area of inclusion and diversity. In fact, Brand Guardian has helped us to find faster and more accurate ways to ensure accessibility and check for inclusive representation across a selection of Microsoft’s own advertising and content.

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