Quick health fixes are being replaced with longer-term treatments at medi-spas that aim to promote healthspans. At Six Senses, wellness programs take a measured approach to optimize therapeutic treatments for guests.

Six Senses Romes modern day take on the Roman bathing journey
Six Senses Rome

“At Rosebar we prefer the term ‘bioharmonizing’ to ‘biohacking,’” Dr. Tamsin Lewis, medical director of Six Senses Ibiza’s Rosebar spa explains in a March 2023 interview. “Biohacking implies a continual state of putting yourself under tension. Better to follow a program of gradual improvements that will strengthen your physiology and psychology, whilst giving your body enough time to repair and regenerate.” Six Senses Rome opened its doors in March 2023, with a spa inspired by ancient Roman rituals paired with modern treatments, which offer a similar sentiment as Rosebar.

1 LHS Drohnenaufnahme Von Vorn
Lanserhof Sylt

Lanserhof Sylt is the latest venue from the medical spa, opening its doors in summer 2022. Situated on a German island, visitors of the spa can enjoy the sea views whilst basking in the dunes and getting access to the latest diagnostic treatments. Lanserhof provides individualized which includes chronomedicine (the interaction between biological rhythms and medicine) and psychoneuroimmunology (the interaction between the mind, nervous system, and the immune system.)

SHA wellness clinic focuses on “adding years to life, and quality of life to year.” The programs aim to provide rebalance, natural therapies and emotional health. Currently only available in Spain, SHA will expand to Mexico in December 2023 and Emirates in 2024.

Paul Chek, wellness coach and founder of the Chek Institute considers bioharmonizing “your ability to be aware of what’s happening in yourself with your body.” Wellness programs and spa offerings are prioritizing plans that are individualized and promote long-term preventative actions for the body and mind.

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