A new generation of B2B marketers is breaking free of rational and uninspired approaches to connecting with customers. It’s not a case of borrowing from their B2C peers either. It’s about reaching for truly emotional and inspirational ideas that engage with them as people, not job titles.

The landscape for B2B brands is evolving. Game-changing creativity is now being celebrated and awarded on a global scale. These awards have a dual impact. One, they recognise remarkable achievements in often complex and highly regulated fields. Two. They showcase the immense potential for greatly enhanced marketing effectiveness thanks to breakthrough creative thinking.

Find inspiration in the future of B2B creativity

Bridging B2B and B2C through inspired connections

There is growing awareness of the simple truth that B2B customers and B2C customers are the same people, with the same motivations and emotional responses to marketing messages at work and at home. At VML, we believe in ‘Inspired B2B’. Through the power of emotion and genuine human connection, ambitious brands have the power to revolutionise the way they engage and inspire action that transcends mere job titles.

Join us as we continue this inspiring journey to celebrate ingenuity, redefine B2B marketing and forge unforgettable connections that drive extraordinary results, leaving a lasting impact on the world on business.

Six criteria to inspire your winning work

Clear problem inspired b2b

A clear problem to solve

Work that is shortlisted and awarded are created in response to a specific business problem, or a societal one that the business could help solve. Or both.

Tech first 2 inspired b2b

A tech 'first'

Using innovative technology can make your work shine better. The 2023 Grand Prix winner was a tech product that answered a specific business need.

Perfectly crafted inspired b2b

Brilliantly crafted

The ideas that have care and attention lavished on them at every stage and in every respect win through! They don’t necessarily have the biggest budgets behind them, but it certainly helps…

Earth as stakeholder inspired b2b

Earth as a stakeholder

Corporate responsibility for the climate crisis (both causing and solving it) has put meaningful action at the top of the agenda for B2B brands and their customers

Environment optimism inspired b2b

Climate optimism

Gen Z are turning their climate anxiety into climate optimism by taking meaningful action. B2B brands addressing the climate crisis should consider an uplifting and empowering tone.

Generation flex inspired b2b

Generation flex

As economies get tighter, progressive companies will listen to their workforce’s concerns, focusing on giving their employees the sense of control and flexibility they seek.

See B2B Creativity Differently

Our global B2B Experts

James Irvine 20180821015355382 copy

James Irvine

James is the EMEA B2B Lead. He has a real passion for creating disruptive ideas in B2B, from digital and content to tech and advertising that break away from the norm, giving him a well-rounded and integrated viewpoint.

Bill Burkart

Bill Burkart

Bill is the North America B2B Lead. An integrated marketing executive with a wealth of experience and knowledge in B2B from digital demand generation and ABM to customer relationship management, Bill is a true master of his craft, with a passion for using his skills to help brands thrive.


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