Consumers won't put up with a shopping experience or a checkout that fails to live up to expectation. And neither should they...

With a few simple tweaks, online retailers and brands can prevent their acquisition spend going to waste with a poor online experience, and ensure that they maximize conversion on their sites and apps across all devices.

Drawing on the latest independent consumer research, this new report explains why friction-free experiences are non-negotiable in converting your hard-earned website visitors, why checkout is the key battleground - and how to win!

VML Mach Webinar FULL FILM

Podcast: How to stop your customers checking out before they check out!

As we launched this report, we teamed up with our partners Stripe and Contentful to answer some of your questions around payments, checkout and how to keep your customers engaged throughout the customer journey.

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What’s in the report?

Not sure you’ve got time to read the report? Check out this short and sweet video for some of the highlights.

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