• The Last Screenplay movie whose script is generated by artificial intelligence (AI), had its London premiere cancelled after receiving huge backlash. The hundreds of complaints shows people are still concerned about AI’s place in the movie industry, reports The Guardian.
  • AI continues to be under fire as the world’s largest record labels including Sony Music, Warner Records, and Universal Music Group sue two AI start-ups over copyright infringement, per Bloomberg.
  • Somatic exercise aims to bolster a nature-state of wellbeing by focusing on explorations rather than movements to emphasize feelings and emotions, according to Glamour Magazine.
  • Netflix is set to open two immersive entertainment and shopping outlets in King of Prussia, Pa., and Dallas, slated for 2025, says Variety.
  • A law has been passed in New York hoping to make social media “less addictive” reports the BBC. Whilst the Surgeon General Vivek Murthy wants to impose smoking-style warning labels on social media platforms in his opinion piece for the New York Times.
  • The dinner party gets a modern-day community-promoting revamp by gen Zers dubbed the “loneliest generation” by Bon Appetit.
  • Community and urban design helps boost the lifespan of southern Europeans and sets them on a path to be among the longest-lived people in the world, according to The Economist.
  • Bliss in St Louis wants to make dining out “sexy” and grown-up by taking the bold move of only allowing men over 35 and women over 30-years-old eat there, says the Washington Post.
  • A cloud forest in Ecuador is granted legal personhood and is protected from deforestation and mining, reports the BBC.
  • A vibrant video installation by designer Yinka Ilori on the façade of Chicago’s The Mart is “a building-size exploration of joy,” according to the Fast Company.

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