• Ikea debuts its first pet collection focused on eating, sleeping, playing and hiding—all can be found in its new cat-alogue and dog-alogue, reports Dezeen.

  • According to the BBC “people want ‘dumbphones’” which resonates with The New Luddites opting for phones with fewer features.

  • Tween boys are becoming super smellers, having a nose for luxury fragrances worth hundreds of dollars, The New York Times reports.

  • Working against diet culture, ‘intuitive eating’ aims to reconnect people with their bodies and appetite, The Guardian tucks into how it works.

  • Audio erotica with a celebrity AI update hopes to untaboo sex and provide audio healing, per Mashable.

  • Forty-five percent of gen Z and millennials have left a job, or plan to, because of climate concerns. Fortune unpacks recent research from Deloitte that reveals the younger workforce quitting their jobs over climate concerns.

  • The Atlantic investigates whether menopause could entirely disappear if reproduction continues to shift to later life.

  • Seoul, South Korea gathers people for competitive idyllic idleness in their annual space-out competition, The Guardian says.

  • The annual Crystal Cabin Awards unveils winners and finalists in aviation innovation, including lie-flat beds in economy concept from Ameco’s Fly-Buddy Hub and The Wellbeing Zone from Diehl and Qantas. CNN Travel reveals the list.

  • A new study shows that smartphones can positively boost the mood of US teens, New Scientist reports.

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