A new global report from Wunderman Thompson, Regeneration Rising looks at sustainability and asks how have people’s attitudes and behaviours been shaped by the COVID-19 crisis?

Regeneration Rising

Regeneration goes beyond sustainability, aiming for a positive and restorative impact rather than simply seeking to do less harm.

Post-pandemic, people have an appetite for change—and they’re looking for brands to lead the way. In fact, 70% of people are prepared to make dramatic changes to their lifestyle if it will help protect the planet.

By embedding regeneration into their business, brands demonstrate leadership, build long-term resilience, tap into new opportunities—and show that they’re listening to those who say that climate change is the second biggest threat to global wellbeing behind infectious disease.

This new study follows Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s 2018 The New Sustainability: Regeneration report. For 2021, we surveyed 3,001 adult respondents in the UK, China and the USA and conducted in-depth interviews with people and key thought leaders in the sustainability space.

75% say that business responses to COVID have raised their expectations of them when it comes to helping fight some of the world’s biggest problems – like climate change

Inspiring Econudges: Brands can nudge behaviours in customer experience to inspire people to make better choices.

Back to the Earth: Regenerative agriculture not only produces healthier food and improves biodiversity, but sequesters carbon to tackle climate change.

Digital Sustainability: Examining the impact of technology on the planet presents an opportunity for brands to help their customers use tech more mindfully.

Intersectional Environmentalism: In a world where climate change and systemic inequity are intertwined, 71% of people say brands that make strong commitments to equality and social justice can sway their purchase decisions.

Elevating Women: Brands committed to sustainable practices can educate and empower women—a core tenet of sustainability action plans.

The New Biophilia: Post-pandemic, a growing affinity for nature has become intertwined with an appreciation for human and planetary health.

The Climate Tech Boom: The climate crisis has created massive opportunities and investment money is flowing into green tech.

The Collaboration Imperative: Businesses see the value in working across systems, removing silos, and collaborating with competitors and stakeholders alike.

Regeneration, Inc.: By addressing the needs of all stakeholders, pioneering brands shape a better future by building regeneration into their business models.

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Brands now have an unparalleled opportunity to reshape the way we live, learn, work and do business for the better, by harnessing regeneration.

Those regenerative brands that step up and show leadership, and advocate for a sustainable future will build resilience for the long-term. Prepare for Regeneration.

Regeneration Rising

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