Data Governance is the framework of policies, processes, and standards that ensures high data quality, integrity, and security across an organization. And in the CPG industry, where vast amounts of consumer data, supply chain information, and market insights are generated daily, it's indispensable.

While its traditional role has centered on ensuring high-quality data to unlock innovation and drive business success, the evolving digital and AI landscape has broadened its scope to empower end consumers. As such, we would argue that Data Governance has emerged as a strategic imperative for every CPG business.

In this new guide we present:

  • The leading reasons why Data Governance is non-negotiable in CPG today
  • The 3 key roles critical to the effectiveness of Data Governance
  • 4 foundational pillars that play a crucial role in creating a robust framework

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Yann Gautier

Yann Gautier

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