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Culture is a set of values, conventions and social practices that help people feel connected to themselves and their community. Brands can invest in culture, give culture a platform, amplify culture, partner with culture and elevate culture.

But brands do not create culture, people do.

AI helps sort lots of complex data and information. Still, we need a human lens on the data to understand current context, what’s bubbling just beneath the surface and assess real brand impact.

In The Culture Shift by VML, we center the people who are creating culture and give brands a point of view about how they can find their place in culture to thrive.

Modern humans have been mixing and remixing culture for thousands of years. The internet, and more specifically social media, continues to broaden their global exposure. People also create culture to find a place to fit in when the dominant culture excludes them, from Hip-hop to Facebook.

Amber Chenevert, PhD

Managing Director, Strategy & Insights, The Culture Shift, VML

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Amber Chenevert, PhD

Managing Director, Strategy & Insights, The Culture Shift, VML

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Joan M Villas

Group Director, Client Engagement, VML

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