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VML Intelligence presents “The Future 100: 2024”, an indispensable guide to the coming year. Be ready for a bumper tenth anniversary edition, with special additions including bespoke research, expert predictions and a new “Innovation” section that looks to an exciting new future beyond 2024.

The future awaits

Be future-ready and dive into 100 micro trends spanning culture creativity and connection.

Join us as we take you on a journey into tomorrow’s world; a world where in the face of a bewildering amount of new technology, people are craving authentic human interaction more than ever before.

A profound and enriching 2024 awaits, ushering in the great deceleration for people and businesses after years of rapid acceleration. Community and connection at scale promotes the rise of shared experiences and people are demanding all spectrum of emotions to be engaged.

Some highlights include:

F100 2024 Culture NEW Clouds


#2 Collective recharge

An enriching, soulful, and cerebral year is in the making, as people are encouraged to slow down to better reconnect with themselves and others.

F100 2024 Tech Mimio interactive personas 1600x900px


#11 Identity economy

A new economy is forming around digital personas.

F100 2024 Travel The Journey Poor Knights Island New Zealand Courtesy of Miles Holden 1600x900px


#22 Transcendent travel

Self-betterment and life-affirming moments are the new travel requirements.

F100 2024 Brands NEW Ainsley Sofa Tourmaline 1600x900px


#35 Dopamine packaging

Brands are redesigning their packaging and identities to inject a boost of dopamine—the “feel-good” hormone.

F100 2024 Food Drink Frenchs Mustard Skittles 1600x900px


#41 Gen A palates

Generation Alpha are inspiring a swathe of new flavors.

F100 2024 Beauty Little Ishga by Luxury Family Hotels Group 1600x900px


#53 Slow beauty

Beauty brands adopt a sustainable and measured approach to formulating potent skincare.

F100 2024 Retail Airside Hong Kong 1600x900px


#64 Community-centric retail

A community feel is helping shopping districts to flourish.

F100 2024 Luxury Dior Fall 2023 show in India 1600x900px


#74 New luxury frontiers

As the global luxury market slows, brands look east for growth.

F100 2024 Health Sensei Porcupine Creek Photography by Chris Simpson 1600x900px


#81 Longevity resorts

Wellness destinations are designing programs that make living to a centenary and beyond a reality.

F100 2024 Innovation Teddy GPT Artwork Image courtesy of Toymint 1600x900px


#93 Generation AI

AI’s influence could be profound for the youngest of generations.

F100 2024 Experts thumbnail 1600x900px


Predictions and reflections

To mark 10 years of “The Future 100” we asked experts for one prediction for 2024 and one reflection on the past decade.

F100 2024 Data image


By the numbers

Original global consumer data featured throughout by VML.

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