The only constant is change, and based on the evidence so far, 2024 looks set to further validate this age-old notion, with the world in an ongoing state of unpredictable flux. Navigating the increasing complexity and pace of change is ever-more demanding.

Against this backdrop, our 7th edition of Tomorrow’s Commerce brings together some of the key trends our experts are predicting to shape commerce in the coming decade. Their impact might not be felt tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean the planning for them can’t start today.

We seem to be approaching a most exciting and broad-ranging omnichannel future, which spans physical and digital. Whether it’s the maturing of the metaverse, luxury brands’ foray into digital worlds, or the rise of retail media as marketplaces navigate the deprecation of third-party cookies, we’ve envisioned the trends changing how consumers buy and transact, and what you need to do about them.

Selected Highlights:

Altruistic data redistribution

#2 Altruistic data redistribution

Just as marketplaces provide a platform for individuals to sell their goods on, we’ll see consumer-facing “data marketplaces” take off, allowing people to trade their data.

The power of Social Conversion

#3 The power of Social Conversion

Brands and retailers will start to realize the power of what we’re terming “Social Conversion”. Much more than engendering “brand love”, it’s about encouraging “brand buy”, with the gap between desire and delivery dissolved.

The age of experimentation and search

#4 The age of experimentation

To meet consumer demand for more entertaining shopping journeys, brands need to think out of the box, and introduce novelty. That means re-writing the rules of discovery.

The rise of retail media and Creative Commerce

#6 Retail media set to soar

For the last couple of years, the Next Big Thing has been retail media. Creative Commerce is set to take it to the next level - it’s all about adding art to science.

Content supply chains of the future counting on the cure of AI

#17 Content supply chains of the future

Challenged with the relentless consumer appetite for content, “Curative AI” together with Generative AI could help foster the content supply chain of the future - agile, responsive, and scaled.

Why closed digital communities will grow and open up small business

#20 Unlocking gated communities

As the internet grows and becomes unwieldy to navigate, people will revert to closed communities. As seen in China, this will create a ‘group buy’ mentality and a new way to unlock commerce growth.

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Hugh Fletcher

Hugh Fletcher

Global Thought Leadership Lead, Commerce

Michelle Baumann

Michelle Baumann

Chief Strategy Officer, Commerce, VML US

Naji El Arifi

Naji El-Arifi

Head of Innovation, Commerce, VML EMEA/UK

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