Our annual Future 100 report dives into the trends, innovation and cultural changes that will drive the next year. How did last year’s predictions fare? Below, we look back at our most accurate predictions in work, health and finance.


Employee activists (#74)

Workers are speaking out and holding their employers accountable across industries.

  • Apple employees launched AppleToo in August, a website for employees to privately report company harassment and discrimination. The site aims to hold leadership responsible for previously silenced complaints by employees.
  • Netflix employees protested the entertainment brand after it aired transphobic comments made by Dave Chappelle in his comedy special. Workers walked out of the Los Angeles company building in October, holding Netflix accountable for promoting transphobia and bigotry in the feature.
  • Shareholders and employees from video game company Activation Blizzard walked out and protested after CEO Bobby Kotick allegedly ignored sexual misconduct allegations from within the company. The activists from all reaches demanded that the company act on those complaints and for the CEO to resign immediately.
WEB Apple Share Play Smart Gym 11182021
Apple's SharePlay Smart Gym


Fitness futures (#85)

Brands are elevating fitness tech, rounding out virtual workout offerings.

  • In September, Apple announced that members of its Fitness+ service will be able to work out together using their new SharePlay offering. Users can co-stream their workout videos on Apple devices for an integrated, virtual workout from afar.
  • Meta bought Within in October: the VR fitness app that created the popular light saber-workout app Supernatural.
  • Smart gym Tonal announced Lebron James as an investor in the product in October. A brand partner and ambassador as well, James’s peak physical condition and world-renowned status as a top athlete speaks for itself in Tonal’s newest campaign.
WEB 21113 LBJ PR 02 Standing Portrait 1800x1200
Lebron James for Tonal


Impact investments (#96)

Firms are pushing funds towards responsible and sustainable resources with values-based investments.

  • The global finance industry said it would invest $130 trillion to combat climate change. Announced in November, the United Nations Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero group pledged to use the capital to fundamentally restructure their invested businesses, financial firms, and industries for a carbon-neutral future by 2050.
  • In September, Facebook – now Meta – pledged $50 million to build out the metaverse responsibly. Their XR Programs and Research Fund will ensure the money is put towards inclusive and empowering technology in the metaverse, with special attention to data privacy, safety, and accessibility.
  • Square announced in June that it would invest $5 million into building a solar-powered bitcoin mining operation. In partnership with blockchain technology firm Blockstream Mining, Square says it is “committed to driving further adoption and efficiency of renewables within the bitcoin ecosystem.”

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