Craving a pick-me-up, or maybe just a cheesy snack? Here are the top headlines from this week.

  • AI continues to break new ground this week. Biotech startup Climax Foods is using the tech to create vegan versions of Babybel and Boursin cheeses, reported by Fast Company, and a news outlet in Kuwait debuted its first AI-generated presenter, Fedha, per the BBC.
  • But, without a human to teach and program it, a handful of experts for the New York Times weigh in on whether AI can truly be intelligent without a body to learn from and interact with the physical world.
  • Sustainable efforts are focusing on regeneration, and Puma is joining in the ranks of pioneering brands pushing progress forward. The brand announced a sustainability initiative, Voices of a Re:Generation, to hold the company accountable to climate-conscious consumers, per Vogue Business.
  • Wendy’s “National Roast Day,” traditionally hosted on Twitter, will now migrate to TikTok according to AdAge, as the business empire continues to flourish.
  • Walmart launched a major mental health support initiative for its employees according to Forbes, directing money into wellness work incentives to attract and maintain its workforce.
  • Instagram added new features to its creator marketplace, per TechCrunch, and some bosses are even training their employees to be influencers according to feature in Forbes, as expert influencers continue to drive growth and consumer engagement.
  • The joyconomy has colored store shelves, revamped our workouts, and now, it’s inspiring a new craving. Well + Good unpacked the science behind snacking with intention to boost mood and mind, a bite-sized introduction to emotional wellbeing diets.
  • Single and ready to mingle? You’ll need a Pear ring, now. For prospective daters overwhelmed by new dating lexicon and situationships, the Pear ring stands out to let others know the wearer is single, per Dazed.

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