Although under different names, we could say that I have been with the agency since the last century, specifically since 1999. I joined an agency called Wunderman Cato Johnson, which for a short time was called WCJ, until it was acquired by WPP and became Wunderman, a name that was kept until Wunderman Thompson was created in 2019 and I was appointed Managing Director.

I started my career in 1992 as an Account Executive at Mussons & Asociados. My desire to continue discovering this world led me to my first change of agency and I joined PYC, the leading promotional marketing agency in Spain. My last change before coming to Wunderman was in 1996 when I joined Below Marketing, the agency where I discovered direct marketing.

What motivates me the most to continue each day with energy and enthusiasm is the fact that I love what I do. I have always felt privileged to be able to have such a dynamic job that means I can be involved in the energy, fashion and retail sectors at the same time in a single day. Or jumping from a briefing meeting with the creative team to bouncing ideas around at another meeting with the technology and data team to determine the best approach for a content platform.

If I’m very proud of any professional achievement, it’s to have consolidated the Wunderman project in Barcelona. I have always had the feeling that this is a project that has run in parallel with me, sharing the same learning curve, growing and even getting older together, and I think that the metamorphosis into Wunderman Thompson came at the right time for both of us.

Outside the agency, I try to find time whenever I can for sports, it’s almost a necessity for me. Although a keen basketball player, for some time now I’ve been involved in athletics and triathlons, especially long-distance events. So far, I've already completed five Ironman Triathlons and nine marathons.