The ambition for Christmas 2022 was to elevate the act of sending post - the act of sending love - to become the new standard of showing love. While we might often focus on the act of sending post, the true impact of receiving post is where ‘sending love’ really comes to life.


People are connected and communicate with their loved ones more than ever before, via WhatsApp messages, voice notes, FaceTime calls, GIFs, memes and lots more.

This modern and accessible ecosystem of communication makes the effort of sending physical post seem overly complicated and inconvenient. The shared collective mindset “it’s easier to send a voice note” was inhibiting the potential for sending post, and in turn sending love.


Post is the most personal form of communication and a symbolic way of saying “you matter to me”. Deeper connections deserve deeper forms of communication.

For everyday conversations there are everyday means of communication. But those who matter more, deserve more. And those who matter most, deserve post.


‘Send From The Heart. Send Love’ is a way of advocating for a more meaningful Christmas, made possible by using the most meaningful form of communication: post.

This campaign is a call to action to pause and think about what matters most at Christmas, positioning post as the ultimate gesture of love at a time of year when love matters most.

An Post Christmas 2022 80-second advert, "Send From the Heart" featuring Tin Man
An Post Christmas 2022 30-second advert, "Send From the Heart" featuring Tin Man
Sending a card to someone at Christmas is such a simple act yet we often overlook the emotion and happiness it can bring to the recipient. Our strategy was to elevate the emotion that receiving a card can bring and in doing so inspire people to send post to those that matter most.

Enda Kelly

Managing Director, Folk VML

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