Imagine a wardrobe that does more than just dress you up—it arms you with the knowledge to navigate the digital marketplace safely. The "Be Safe Collection" isn't just a fashion statement; it's a shield against the rising tide of online scams. Dive into the story of how a clever clothing line turned everyday fashion into a fortress of fraud awareness.

Be Safe Collection
Being a safe and trustworthy bank is one of the core values ​​of our brand. Security is one of the fundamental pillars of financial health. We know that people are mostly deaf to generic advice, they don't perceive it. It might seem that the topic of security does not concern young people, but young people are also at risk, precisely because they are online so often. We tried to get the idea to young people in a form that interests them and through faces they listen to.

Monika Ježková

Digital Engagement Expert, Česká Spořitelna

In the digital bazaars of the Czech Republic, the specter of online scams looms large, preying on unsuspecting sellers. The challenge was clear: educate the public within the very environment where the threat exists, without the luxury of traditional media spaces.

The inspiration struck in the threads of everyday life—clothing. What if garments could speak, warning their wearers and onlookers? This led to the idea of transforming ordinary apparel into messengers of awareness, wearable guides in the fight against fraud.

The "Be Safe Collection" was born—a line of clothing infused with sage advice for online selling. These were no ordinary garments; each piece was a tapestry of tips on scam avoidance, designed to be listed by popular sellers on second-hand platforms, turning fashion into a medium for the message.

The campaign sparked a movement within the community, as members donned the "Be Safe Collection" and championed the cause. This guerrilla campaign not only garnered free media space but also fostered a culture of vigilance, making it a trendsetter in proactive consumer protection.

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2023 Golden Drum Festival

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