In Taiwan, 7.5% of the population donates blood – which is the highest rate in the world, but shortages in specific blood types still occur. If disaster strikes, this could mean the difference between life and death.


How could we immediately alert and mobilize people to donate in their daily lives? Taiwan's smart phone penetration rate is ranked number two in the world. People often use navigational applications in their daily lives – so we presented Blood Beacon.


Since people are reluctant to download too many applications on their phone, we incorporated Blood Beacon into popular navigational applications. We cooperated with Parkinglot APP, an application with more than two million users. When people look for a parking space, the location icon connects them with real-time blood inventory data. If there are shortages in specific blood type, the location icon flips upside-down, alerts the blood type in demand, and navigates them to the nearest donation center. If there's no shortage, the location icon stays the same.


Since Blood Beacon went live, donation has become faster. 22 news agencies picked up the idea, and this year other navigational applications are planning to adopt Blood Beacon.

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2021 Cannes Lions

2021 Cannes Lions

Media: Use of Real-Time Data

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2021 Cannes Lions

2021 Cannes Lions

Health & Wellness: Non-profit / Foundation-led Education & Awareness - Creative Data: Use of Real-Time Data

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