While KitKat has always been about having a break, the Filipino market was not taking their breaks with KitKat.


The Filipino working millennial multitasks and hustles to get as much out of life as possible. This makes them extra vulnerable to stress. The difference with other generations is that how they take breaks is just as important as actually taking one. They also recognize that breaks mean different things to different people. What makes the difference for millennials is that they use their breaks as social media content and currency.


KitKat Breaker Benches, a reinvented approach to a classic brand asset, allows consumers to experience a different kind of KitKat break. Whatever kind of break you decide to take, there’s a KitKat bench made for it.

Think outdoor meets activation meets theme park. Out-of-home was the main channel for the campaign because this is where breaks happen for the stressed working professional.

While other brands are busy trying to make a lot of noise with traditional media, KitKat saw an opportunity to bring to life the brand’s break philosophy by reinventing a well-known brand asset as the new medium.


Almost 500 interactive and share-worthy benches were placed in the middle of Manila’s central business districts and in the city’s busiest parks. The benches featured diverse breaks that people can immerse themselves in.

Digital amplification and user-generated content garnered more than 6.9 million views and 262 million impressions. The brand broke category records, with double-digit growth of 24% in value, 21% in volume, and sold 72.9 million KitKat fingers after the first year. At the height of the campaign, KitKat ranked third nationwide and first in metro Manila as the most preferred imported chocolate brand.

Philippines WORK Breaker Benches new

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