On July 20th, as the world celebrated Friend's Day, Amazon Prime Video seized the opportunity to highlight its account-sharing policy, contrasting it with Netflix's recent changes. With a series of witty and pointed Twitter posts, Amazon didn't just poke fun at its competitor but also reaffirmed its commitment to a flexible, user-friendly experience, winning the sympathy and attention of thousands of users disgruntled with Netflix's restrictions.

Chau Netflix V4
Friend's Day is about sharing, and at Amazon Prime Video, sharing is what we do best.

Marketing Director

Amazon Prime Video Latin America

Respond to Netflix's restrictive account-sharing policy, showcasing Amazon Prime Video as a friendlier, more accessible alternative.

The culture of sharing on Friend's Day and the growing user frustration toward Netflix's restrictive policies.

A social media campaign that directly contrasts Amazon's policies with Netflix's, using humor and a direct tone to appeal to disgruntled users.

Increase in online conversation about Amazon Prime Video, a boost in positive brand perception, and potential subscriber growth seeking a more flexible alternative.

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