"Chicken for Chickens" is an unexpected twist on gaming-led brand competitions.

While most battle-mode gaming experiences are out to reward the most challenging, brilliant and bravest gamers, Buffalo Wings created a unique experience that focuses on rewarding those who are obsessed with – chickens.

Limits between brand experiences and commerce ecosystems no longer exist.

Leo Gómez

Executive Creative Director - VML Colombia

Big brands control the fast-food business through market penetration, price, distribution and media noise.

This scenario contributed to a financially difficult year and the big challenge for Buffalo Wings Colombia was how to activate their brand and revitalize point of sales understanding.

Our strategy focuses on renewing the experience for a millennial audience and generating a strong bond with younger audiences like GenZ, for whom the experience of going out for chicken wings is not a top priority. This presented an exciting opportunity to create a new, unique brand experience that resonates.

The campaign objectives were to increase traffic to restaurants in Bogotá; create new brand experiences for clients; expand levels of penetration with Gen Z; and elevate the engagement rate of digital assets in social media and traffic to digital channels.

70% of millennials and 30% of centennials living in neighborhoods influenced by Buffalo Wings restaurants look for options with intense flavors. However, less than 20% prefer hot sauces.

We activated the experience through the gamer community in Bogotá, expanding with paid digital media and point-of-sales advertising to connect with a broader brand audience in the zone of influence with the highest Buffalo Wings restaurant presence.

By connecting an experience via Twitch and the activation in-store, we covered the primary and potential audiences with a single experience.

Using the launch of the latest Call of Duty, Modern Warfare III, as a starting point, we created a competition to reward the smartest, fastest and biggest chickens.

"Chicken for Chickens" is a gaming experience that rewards gamers' survival skills by running away from battle. Partnering with @PaulaDazzle, one of Colombia’s top COD gamers, we set out to find players and the longer they stayed in the game, the greater the offer for Buffalo Wings, with a year's worth of chicken wings to the "chickens" that could stay alive the longest.

Chicken for Chickens achieved record numbers on the ground and on social media.

Within only 11 days of media support, the campaign catapulted to success, reaching over 4MM with an engagement rate of 13.46, which is more than two times the average benchmark. Buffalo Wings' Instagram page witnessed an astounding growth of nearly 2,000%.

In-store traffic also saw an increase of 162% vs. estimated effectiveness (1.6x the benchmark), and the campaign gave Buffalo Wings an overwhelming sales growth of 175%, with new clients increasing by 121%.

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