Under the inspiring concept “Every mom loves in her own way,” the campaign captures the diversity of mothers that exist, recognizing and honoring the different ways in which they express their unconditional love. With the collaboration of the well-known singer Benny Ibarra, who performs his emblematic song “Thank you mom,” Suavitel® celebrates all Mexican mothers with a moving serenade.

Suavitel presents danis story
Suavitel has always been an icon to transmit the unconditional love of Mexican mothers who strive every day to give us love in their own way, now is our opportunity to say Thank you Mom for your love and for everything you do for us and celebrate them this Mother's Day, for this we are proud to partner with Benny Ibarra whose voice and music have been an integral part of this tribute to our mothers for years.

Ari Mandelbaum

Vice President of Marketing - Colgate-Palmolive Mexico

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