Amid a global pandemic, and with empty couts around the world, FIBA wanted the reveal of the 2023 Basketball World Cup logo to be more engaging than just the usual press conference.

Dont Miss a Beat Case
This is a very exciting milestone. The distinctive FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 logo symbolizes our love for the game, which is shared by the organizing committees and FIBA, and it also represents the vision and passion of the event that brings together, for the first time, three host countries

Andreas Zagklis

FIBA Secretary general

For the first time the Basketball World Championship in 2023 would be played in 3 different countries: Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan.

We launched the new brand amid a global pandemic where street courts are closed and the basketball community feels disconnected from their sport of choice and unable to play due to sanitary restrictions.

So our goal was to unite the fans in a way they don’t feel left out and prepare them for the emotions of the 2023 WBC abiding by the rules of social distancing. To make a logo reveal that is playful, and shareable.

We created 3 music beats inspired by local music from the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, released them on music platforms and asked fans to dribble to the beat then sharing their videos under the #dontmissabeat tag. Professional players and influencers were called to also dribble to the beat thus engaging other fans to follow.

Some weeks later a video was released with the previously fan generated content and a new soundtrack composed of the 3 beats combined revealing the logo for the 2023 competition.

This was the biggest and most impactful logo launch in FIBA's history and generated more media coverage and fan engagement than any previous event launch.

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