Just like laundry, music should be spotless.

Eco Clean from GIG is a Jordanian brand offering laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover committed to cleaning all of life’s messes, including the most stubborn or invisible ones. Eco Clean understands the challenges of staying spotless – which included the opportunity to show how this leading stain remover could also help clean up explicit lyrics to assist radio stations.

Eco Clean Audio LA Ibrary

Profanity in music is widespread, prompting some artists to create “clean edits” for radio, while others rely on disruptive bleeps. Recognizing this cleaning challenge, Eco Clean – Jordan’s leading stain remover – seized the opportunity to showcase its stain-busting prowess and assist radio stations.

To demonstrate Eco Clean's cleaning powers in a medium that’s not visual, we found our opportunity in how radio stations use disruptive bleeps to cover explicit lyric content instead of cleaning it.

Eco Clean introduced the “Audio Cleaning L[AI]brary” – a collection of AI-crafted voices that seamlessly replace explicit words with alternative PG-friendly ones. Leveraging data, Eco Clean identified common profanity in various genres and employed AI to craft a diverse library of alternative words voiced by both men and women.

By purchasing previously unattainable bleep time, the company provided radio stations with a comprehensive kit, eliminating the need for cuts and turning censorship moments into a demonstration of Eco Clean’s cleaning capabilities. Before each 'cleaned' song, a brief intro crediting Eco Clean for cleaning the song was played.

We cleaned over 500 words in more than 120 songs spanning all genres over a 30-day period. With an average song duration of 5 minutes, we delivered over 18,000 minutes of spotless tunes to various radio stations.

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