The Touchpoint Collection helps save lives.

At 20.6%, breast cancer is the most common cancer in Jordan. Early detection can boost survival rates by over 95% – but many women forget to self-examine except for Breast Cancer Awareness Month once a year, which also includes women who are physically active.

Gymkuma and VML collaborated to raise awareness of the importance of self-checks through a personalized approach using sports bras. The Touchpoint collection features designs displaying the self-examination pressure points on the bras highlighted using traditional Jordanian embroidery art called Tatreez, making them easily identifiable.

Gymkuma Touchpoint
Upon self-examination, I discovered I had breast cancer. Early detection through self-examination saved my life.

Ruda Haddadin

Breast Cancer Survivor

Some female athletes believe their active lifestyle protects them from having health issues – impacting their awareness of proper self-check practices. As the leading Jordanian sportwear brand, Gymkuma decided to take a more personal approach and remind women to self-check all year long.

We recognized an understandable but dangerous misconception among active women that they are somehow immune to the risks of breast cancer.

After Breast Cancer Awareness Month ended, we introduced Touchpoint – a lifesaving sports bra that serves as a wearable reminder to conduct easy and accurate self-checks regularly.

Our sport bra was developed in collaboration with oncologists, highlighting 18 pressure points for self-examination. Inspired by Jordanian embroidery Tatreez, our unique designs incorporate geometric shapes to mark examination points. Orange markers guide self-examination and pressure applications and are printed on lightweight fabric for comfort and precision.

Touchpoint's first batch was distributed directly to active females and sports influencers, with 70% direct engagement, receiving an amazingly positive feedback rate of 97%. This organically triggered an impressive surge in inquiries, resulting in three times the number of pre-orders for batch two. Beyond numbers, Touchpoint’s real success lies in its life-saving potential as a wearable reminder for self-check that can be implemented all year.

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