Ramadan has always been a key occasion for consumer spending, especially during the week before and after Eid, as consumers spend their money on Eid gifts, travel plans and entertainment during the holiday. stc pay, Saudi’s leading e-wallet needed to increase its share of wallet during Ramadan, and drive app usage during the holy month. In a category that is driven almost equally by saliency, and emotional relevancy, stc pay needed to find a way to break through the Ramadan media clutter and engage with Saudi Consumers if it hoped to increase its share of Eids overall payments.


Every Ramadan, children under 18 receive cash Eidiya’s from everyone they visit, with total amounts ranging between SR800-1000 by end-of-day. So why not extends Eidiya’s joy to grownups?


The first-ever “Eidiya 18+”, that extends Eidiya’s joy to grownups by giving them a chance to receive Eidiyas through stcpay, reminding them of the fun they’ve missed out on and inviting them to share Eidiyas through our gamified experience.


In just 10 days, 13.6M impression, 24.4M views, resulting in 1.43M Eidiya’s,SR12M collected, and 530K new users registered.


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