People are so tired of their ‘big’ shop routine that it's become incredibly difficult to get them to change their behaviour. While most of the nation were going to Lidl for a quick top-up shop, we wanted to show them that Lidl is the best place for their main weekly shop.


Ireland is in the midst of an almost 40 year high with inflation rates. As the cost of living continued to soar, we knew people were compromising more and more each week on their big shop in order to keep within their budgets. However, Lidl shoppers enjoy a world without compromise because they can get all the quality they want at a lower prices. So now more than ever Irish shoppers needed a better option. We wanted to put it to the nation to make the switch to Lidl so they could fill their trollies for less and live more in the process.


We created a rallying call by asking the nation to “Go Full Lidl”. To shop without compromise, and pay less. Going Full Lidl is for every type of shopper and every type of family. It gives everyone the freedom to go for it all, to go full award-winning, to go full 100% Irish produced and to go full quality on all their household needs, but all at the low prices Lidl are famous for.

Go Full Lidl 40 Second Video
Go Full Lidl 48-sheet artwork featuring the logo made up of Lidl groceries and the tagline, "the freedom to shop without compromise and pay less"

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