Edrington UK is the sales, marketing and distribution business of internationally renowned spirits company, Edrington. Edrington UK work within all areas of the drinks industry, from major supermarkets and online retailers to the country’s best bars, pubs and restaurants. Edrington UK is responsible for the distribution of Beam Suntory brands in the UK.

Looking to capitalise on Father’s Day trading, Edrington UK engaged with VML Commerce to help them drive sales with shoppers. With a limited retail media budget for online advertising, the objectives were to:

  • Increase market share with first-time buyers.
  • Grow sales of the Laphroaig Single Malt whisky portfolio and The Famous Grouse Blended Whisky.
  • Trial category/high impression locations with a strategic shopper journey (i.e. a specific product, at a certain price and times during checkout).
  • Increase Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and drive sales.


Targeting shoppers across Tesco, ASDA, and Morrisons, we developed a strategy focused on driving conversion by increasing the prominence of products at different points of the shopping and product category exploration phase. Through inventory and keyword utilisation, aligning product offers, ranges, and periodic changes as the peak of Father’s Day purchases approached, we were able to maximise the campaign’s impact. By positioning Edrington’s whisky products in the right place at the right time, we made it easy for shoppers to add products to their basket.


Utilising our proprietary software, Commerce Intelligence, we analysed consumer behaviour and identified opportunities to increase product presence on the digital shelf. Combined with our desk-based research and retail media experience, we accelerated sales by connecting shoppers on Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons’ websites with Edrington UK’s inventory.

Employing retail media platforms Criteo and Citrus Ads, we created cost-effective sponsored product campaigns that targeted shoppers based on their behaviour. This included major terminology related to the products and the occasion. We then strategically increased bids on terms where competition was high to maintain a strong presence. At the same time, we creatively adapted our bidding to that of our competitors, allowing us to make smarter bids and generate excellent campaign performance.


The results outperformed all expectations from Edrington UK. With brand impressions reaching over 4 million shoppers, the campaign delivered a significant increase in revenue and saw a terrific 300% ROAS. This was a phenomenal achievement compared to its total sales for the same period in 2022, with an average uplift in sales of 25% across the portfolio year on year.

The campaign also provided valuable insights which Edrington UK plans to capitalise on during future peak periods, with an increased retail media budget to drive even higher returns.

VML Commerce's approach to Retail Media demonstrated the huge value a retail media campaign can deliver if executed with the right insight, strategy, and focus. The use of retail media went against what we had previously hypothesised; we initiated the campaign expecting to return average results, but instead, the campaign has been exceptional. It’s a testament to what can be achieved with some lateral thinking, consistent campaign optimisation, careful budget allocation and collaborative teamwork. This campaign has also resulted in positive feedback internally and we will certainly be pursuing the use of retail media in the future and utilising the talents of VML Commerce.

Marianne Gallagher

Digital Marketing Manager at Edrington

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