Turning pop culture influence into demand for theater tickets

Theaters in Hungary are partly funded by the government. However, this fund has dwindled, as Hungary’s government stopped funding free arts. Suddenly, theaters found themselves in a new situation where they had to make up for lost funding and attract a completely new audience. The campaign used Cameo in an innovative way and got celebrities famous and followed locally to create demand for theater tickets.

Hollywood for Theaters Cannes submitted
Michael Madsen and Lindsey Lohan are the new faces of eTheater

Time Out Magazine

The 6 theaters that founded eTheater understood that now they needed new people to buy tickets: people who are not theater goers, but consume pop culture. They needed a way to make them interested in their performances.

Several artists that appear in some of the most popular shows appear on Cameo. The stars of Breaking Bad, Falling for Christmas, cult favourite Tarantino films, and other legends such as rapper Ice T have huge followings locally.

The campaign got well-known Hollywood stars, who are familiar to our audience from their popular hits, movies, series and music to talk about what happens in a play by the non-traditional use of Cameo.

28% of the people who bought a ticket during the campaign period bought a theater ticket for the first time. They are the future audience our institutions need.

The campaign also covered funding for all 6 theaters for a full season.

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