The original brief was to launch a New Year promotional program for HSBC Hong Kong. But every brand was doing that – pushing similar new year offers and pandemic giveaways. It would have been easy for HSBC to be just another giveaway, adding to the low-engagement wallpaper of promotional marketing.


The best way to stand out is to go back to HSBC’s brand promise “Opening Up A World of Opportunity”. New Year was a time when Hongkongers turn their attentions on goals and life purpose with New Year resolutions, but that was before COVID. In 2022 everyone had switched on the gloomy channel. People stop seeing hopes and opportunities.


HSBC 1.23 Go Goal Day – this is the story of how HSBC reframes its tactical promotions as its first brand-owned ritual in Hong Kong that encourages people to reset the year with new goals on every January 23 (1.23) and start seeing new opportunities again.


The campaign is still running but we have achieved initial success with our thematic video that reached over 2.8 million people (in a city with 7 million people) and inspired over 5,000 new goals in just 5 days. What we want to achieve is to create awareness and recognition of our campaign and ensure the ritual is distinctively ownable by HSBC, and to bring out the positive role HSBC plays in people’s lives that delivers our brand promise.

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