Actimel is a brand that has historically been part of French people's daily routine. For almost 30 years, the little bottles have been chidren and teenagers' greatest ally for breakfast. Despite a strong presence amongst French families, Actimel has been encountering some difficulties in communicating with Gen Z, who is evolving on new platforms less operated by the brand. In addition to getting closer to this generation, the second major challenge was to spread the brand's immunity message across in a fun way.


First of all, we had to identify the right channel to carry Actimel's message. We quickly picked Fortnite, the most played video game at the moment and a real source of creative opportunities.

Our idea was based on the following observation: on Fortnite, there are "Shield Potions", small potions that allow players in difficulty to gain precious seconds of immunity to stay alive during their game. A small bottle that looks, in its shape and effect, oddly similar to the small bottle of Actimel. So we developed an affinity storytelling around this particularity.

This storytelling was brought to life with a ship: the Immunity Station by Actimel.


The Immunity Station by Actimel is a big branded spaceship crashed in the middle of the small town of Greasy Groves - Zombie Hunter, one of the most played creative maps on Fortnite. At the base of the ship, players can find a shop where dozens of Shield Potions are displayed on a counter. These potions, in addition to providing shield points, offer players 30 seconds of immunity crucial to their survival. They are accessible regularly during the game.

Perfectly woven into Fortnite's universe, the Immunity Station creates a direct link between the immunity provided by the Shield Potions and the contribution of Actimel to the normal functioning of the immune system.

To further develop the storytelling around this operation, we also changed the brand sign-off for the occasion, from "a little immunity gesture for good days" to "a little immunity gesture for good games".


With nearly 3 million impressions, the Immunity Station by Actimel also increased the engagement rate of its community by nearly 30% on social networks.

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