In Brazil almost 35 million people live without treated water and around 100 million do not have access to sewage collection, according to the Sanitation Ranking, published by the Trata Brasil Institute. According to the federal government, there are 6.4 million homes that do not provide decent housing. This means that a significant part of our population lives in absolutely inhospitable conditions. On the other hand, every year people invest billions to make Mars, an inhospitable place, habitable. To alert people to this reality and encourage them to demand action from the bodies responsible, the São Paulo Public Prosecutor's Office is launching the "Life on Mars" campaign.

MPSP Life On Mards Full ENG
We often read about people and institutions spending millions to make Mars habitable, while millions of Brazilians live in subhuman conditions right here on our doorstep. This campaign aims to raise this social awareness and mobilize the population to take more effective measures to combat poverty.

Sleyman Khodor

CCO - VML Brazil

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