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In the low streaming Egyptian market, Spotify was competing not only with piracy, but also with noise people would choose not to listen to if only they had the choice to take control and escape into their own music. To reverse the situation and empower Egyptians to take control on Spotify, we chose music from top music genres listened to by Gen-Z and the leading streamed songs and artists for the “Music For Every Moment” campaign to ensure our choices of music would resonate with the target audience.

VML Egypt Spotify

Egypt has a largely untapped total addressable music streaming market with no platform winning over and changing listening behavior. The market is still driven largely by music piracy, with Egypt ranking 9th globally in piracy, mostly driven by web downloads, radio and YouTube/stream ripping. The region is still in the early growth stages, with all players combined expected to have an almost 30% total addressable market across MENA.

Taking aim against music from uncontrolled sources that surround people in public places across Egypt, our insight stemmed from how truly annoying it can be to listen to the wrong song at the wrong moment, unwillingly. Unwanted or uncontrolled music can be unsuitable given the person's state of mind, mood and personal feelings.

Enter Spotify to help Egyptians overcome their listening pain points and be the perfect alternative. Spotify gives listeners ultimate control over what they listen to with the ability to browse and discover +100M songs to find the right music for the moment, at any given time.

We found Egyptian songs that were relatable to the masses and relatable to our films, with lyrics that delivered on users' specific listening needs.

Our film starts with an awkward situation where we see our hero clearly uncomfortable when music from an uncontrollable source starts playing. As the song plays, the lyrics strike an unwanted chord – as if the words are directed specifically at them, making the situation even more awkward and uncomfortable.

As our hero gets more uncomfortable with everyone lip-syncing to the song, it seems as if they’re speaking directly to them – but our hero quickly snaps out of it and takes control by listening to the music they want on Spotify that exactly fits their mood.

We clearly see the role of Spotify, allowing listeners to take control of the situation thanks to the massive amount of music content featured in Spotify’s music library.

Our campaign surpassed expectations and led to an increase of 55% in Spotify's monthly active users in the market. Today, Spotify has become the top-scoring music platform for Gen-Z in Egypt, our core target, amongst the competition in all brand metrics as we increased brand perception and influenced listening behavior. Our campaign reach on TV was a successful 86% across our target audience.

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