Experience the power of community and solidarity in "Neighbors," a heartfelt portrayal of how unity can combat antisemitism and foster understanding.

FCAS Neighbors 30 wip07

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism faced the challenge of addressing rising antisemitic incidents while promoting unity and empathy across communities.

The FCAS and VML showcased what antisemitism looks like for American Jews today and the role non-Jews can play in fighting hate and intolerance.

Showcasing the transformative power of community support and empathy through a compelling visual story. By combining empathy and data, we aimed to inspire viewers to join the movement against Jewish hate and all forms of discrimination.

"Neighbors" marks our fourth story commercial, debuting during the 96th Academy Awards. Its digital presence across social media platforms amplified the message, encouraging viewers to #StandUpToJewishHate and #StandUpToAllHate.

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