By lowering the temperature of sand, Nest Domes protect a highly endangered species.

Banana Boat in partnership with The Colombian Sea Turtle Conservation Program and VML created an innovative and sustainable solution to protect turtles from the damaging effects of global warming. Nest Domes are the first natural domes that regulate sand temperature on beaches where sea turtles hatch, providing shade and ventilation to protect male and female newborns from extinction.

We worked alongside nature to create an innovative solution to help lower the temperature of sand and help creatures such as sea turtles thrive once again. It’s important work to be part of and we’re excited to be pioneering a project that could potentially have a huge impact worldwide.

Bas Korsten

Chief Creative Officer, EMEA & Innovation - VML

In the last four years, 99% of sea turtles have been born female. The temperature of the sand influences their sex during the incubation period and the hotter the sand, the more probability of female newborns, which will lead to their eventual disappearance.

Banana Boat has been protecting people from the sun for decades and now the brand is expanding its reach to protect other species that live on planet Earth from the damaging effects of global warming.

Inspired by the organic shape of turtle shells and designed with the help of marine biologists, local artisans, designers and engineers, Nest Domes were created with natural materials that make up part of the sea turtle’s ecosystem and are a global scale solution with an open-source blueprint that will be widely available with the hope that they'll be created and installed on beaches to protect sea turtles and other species everywhere from extinction.

Nest Domes officially launched at the 41st International Sea Turtle Symposium in Cartagena, an event which brings together a global community of sea turtle biologists, environmental practitioners, conservationists, Indigenous groups, researchers, academics and advocates from up to 60 countries to share knowledge.

As you can see from some of the results of this critical campaign, tiny turtles are getting big help.

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2023 Cannes Lions

2023 Cannes Lions

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