In a critical period for sales and with an investment in media significantly lower than that of its competitors, our campaign would have to simultaneously guarantee the fulfillment of Vodafone’s brand and commercial objectives. To achieve that we needed the most impactful Christmas campaign ever.


When we as a brand give people the opportunity to make them change something really important in their life, people will give us back in return.

Vodafone wants to help reconcile estranged brothers, family and friends. If we succeed, what better present could we give to people?


We all know someone who has left for one reason or another who they like best. People, friends or families whose ties have been broken and where the separation directly or indirectly affects everyone around them.

The story is around a mother at Christmas, having dinner with one of her sons. The other one comes later, only after the first one leaves. Both gave her a present. Reinforcing how disconnected they are, they gave her the same present: a smart phone.

The mother, alone, connects both sons through a video call with the two phones they’ve offered her facing each other. They then realize that life is short and there is no better time than Christmas to make it up with the past and open the present making this the merriest of Christmases.


The campaign's film had influence across borders and so far has already made it to the 2020 The One Show Awards shortlist.

It was the most likable Christmas campaign in TelCos. On Social Media we reached almost 3 million people, having had circa 250k interactions, 98% of them positive.

Positive social commentary had a 686% variation from the previous month.

Vodafone Open the present video

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