This tasty campaign launched a national debate.

In Saudi Arabia, food is a significant part of social and cultural identity, often serving as a conversation starter and a way to connect people. This campaign navigated the unique cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia, where even a common word like "shrimp" carries different regional identities – known as "Robyan" in some areas and "Gambary" in others – a linguistic diversity that reflects Saudi's vast cultural tapestry and heritage.

KUDU leveraged this by introducing two shrimp sandwiches under these regionally distinct names that served as a conversation starter on social media, engaging customers in a playful debate rooted in their everyday language and regional pride.

The culmination of the campaign was the launch of the “Gamberyan Sandwich” – a clever unification of the names that brought both sides together.

KUDU Shrimps vs Prawns Case Study

KUDU, a major fast-food chain in Saudi known for chicken and beef sandwiches, faced the challenge of introducing a new item on the menu – The Dynamite Shrimp Sandwich – into a market already flooded with shrimp offerings from competitors.

We observed a unique linguistic diversity within Saudi Arabia, where the term for shrimp varies. Some call it “Robyan” while others call it “Gambary” – a variation in terminology that offered a unique opportunity to create buzz around the new product.

We launched two identical shrimp sandwiches under two different names – the "Robyan Sandwich" and the "Gambry Sandwich." These duel offerings fueled a playful rivalry through the two different campaigns running in parallel, inviting the public to try both and to choose their favorite. As the debate intensified across social media, KUDU stepped in to declare a winner and introduced the “Gamberyan Sandwich” – a clever unification of both names that brought both sides together.

The campaign achieved extraordinary reach, as evidenced by 53.3 million impressions – indicating its tremendous visibility across various platforms and channels. Engagement was exceptionally high, with 12.8 million video views, reflecting the audience's sustained interaction with the content and their keen interest in the product. Its PR value amounted to an impressive $9.9 million, demonstrating the significant impact on brand value and market presence.

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