Let's be honest, who hasn't taken a glass from a bar "by mistake" at least once in their life?

Stella Artois knows this well, so we designed the most iconic and coveted chalice—now a cult object worthy of "borrowing."

Because Stella Artois doesn't judge the desire to take that perfection home, the brand launched the Steal Artois Collection: a fashion capsule of five exclusively designed garments created to steal the spotlight... and a little more.

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At Stella Artois, we are innate admirers of beauty, and as such, we are aware that the beauty of our chalice has made it an iconic object of desire. While inconvenient, we understand that borrowing is an acknowledgment of that, so we can only celebrate and recognize all these lovers of beauty who, like us, could not resist the temptation to enjoy a Stella served perfectly in a chalice at home. This campaign is a tribute to everyone who can discern and enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Camila Plass

Marketing Manager - ABInBev

Strengthen and celebrate the most unique of Stella Artois's brand assets: Its iconic chalice.

We've all borrowed a glass from a bar at once, or at least thought about it, and that tremendous and fresh insight runs much more profound with fans of Stella Artois' chalice.

This is how we created the Steal Artois collection, the first apparel line designed exclusively to borrow iconic glasses from the bars to your home.

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