In a highly competitive category, Movistar needed to reinforce its #1 position while introducing the country's most extensive 5G connection, a strong demonstration of the brand's commitment to Spanish society.

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The Connection is a piece that reflects our company's commitment: we believe that technology is only progress if it reaches everyone. Leaving no one behind. Today, we do have the most reliable 5G+ connection, already covering an 85% of the country – but we don’t settle.

Aitor Goyenechea

Director of Advertising and Branding at Movistar

In a highly competitive category, Movistar needed to reinforce its #1 position while introducing the widest 5G connection in the country, a strong demonstration of the brand commitment with Spanish society Inspiration: Born from "Your life, better" platform the campaign is a demonstration of the brand's belief on the never-ending possibilities of tech and connection once it's available for everyone, no matter where they are.

Under the big idea “We believe in a better 5G”, we created together with Movistar a global creative platform to prove the people-first brand commitment. A highly recognizable insight-based campaign adapted to the context: a relatable summer story to prove the never-ending power of technology when bringing people together and empowering progress.

We created an emotional, people-centric storytelling. Manu, the young boy starring the story, is forced to spend the summer with his family in a little town, where there’s apparently nothing to do. However, thanks to 5G+ arrival to town and María, the old cinema owner, he gets to integrate and revitalize the town, by re-opening the old cinema again.

The campaign takes a step ahead in the category, reinforcing the brand leadership and committment with Spanish society. In an over-crowded category, the campaign instantly drove brand differentiation, 10 points above the market’s average, while boosting enjoyment and innovative value perceptions, both above average market figures.

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