The pandemic sparked a significant increase in divorces worldwide, with spikes reported in countries like Britain, the US, China, Sweden, and Argentina. In some cases, divorce rates even surpassed marriage rates. The Friendly Breakup Collection was introduced to address this trend, offering home furnishings designed to adapt to changing relationship dynamics. These pieces can be divided into two while maintaining their original aesthetics and functionality, easing the process of splitting possessions during a breakup.

The friendly Breakup Collection includes furniture conceived as a unit but can be divided into two, maintaining the initial aesthetic and utility, thus facilitating the division of material goods. It's a collection that allows you to start over and move with a part of the original furniture, yet it still looks complete and can continue to be enjoyed. It was a simple but innovative idea that meant a lot of time, dedication, and a significant challenge in terms of design and functionality.

Federico Fontenla

President - Fontenla Group

The pandemic has accelerated existing changes in how we live – as well as who with and for how long. Many countries have seen considerable rises in divorce rates since 2020, including an incredible 35% increase in Argentina.

In the separation process, disputes arise over the division of material possessions that couples or friends obtain together, like furniture.

To make this separation easier for young people, we opted for a design solution adapted not to spaces but to people. 'The Friendly Break Up Collection' is a line of furniture that divides up when people do.

The collection sold out in just one month, three times faster than the average for a unique collection like this.

The rapid acceptance of the collection requires the development of 4 new designs that will be included in the following collection.

The reactions to the collection were enormous, with over 30MM media impressions.

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