The Godfather is now a sauce: Heinz and Paramount Pictures join forces to turn an iconic movie scene into a delicious recipe.

With a rise in people replicating recipes from films and TV series, Heinz celebrates a cinematic masterpiece during the 2024 film awards seasons to recreate one of the most famous film recipes ever: the pasta sauce Clemenza makes on The Godfather. Sun-ripened tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper with meatballs and sausage: an offer you can’t refuse.

VML Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce 03
This unexpected yet iconic collaboration between Heinz and The Godfather is set to unleash excitement and disruption in the pasta sauces category. Whether you’re a hardcore fan of The Godfather or just looking for a new great tasting pasta dish, it’s sure to be a pasta sauce you can’t refuse!

Caio Fontenele

Director of Heinz New Ventures

VML Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce 01

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