Old phones offer a new solution to address hearing loss.

“The Hearing Trade” for STC from VML Saudi Arabia shows how an innovative collaboration can deliver a solution to help empower and connect a population that lives in challenging conditions.

The campaign tackled different issues in Saudi Arabia: inclusivity, healthcare and the environment that are all part of the country’s ambitious goals of their Vision 2030 plan of “no one left behind” as well as STC’s core value of improving people’s lives through technology and innovation.

By developing accessible hearing devices from scratch using discarded pieces of technology, we created a memorable and relevant brand activation for those needing hearing care.

Stc hearing trade case study
In our field, we have gone beyond our thinking and enabled technology to serve our society by recycling old phones and turning them into hearing amplifiers that improve hearing for everyone.

Olayan Alwetaid

CEO, Saudi Telecom Group

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