However, Lavazza it has never been just a coffee: it is a moment positive dialogue about the future we desire for a better society.​

“L’Italia che vorrei” is a strongly values-driven integrated campaign ​with the aim of caring about young people lives and opportunity.​

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The project is meant to be the contemporary narrative of a country that is going to grow and develop based on socially important values. The three spoken persons represent the point of reference for everybody not just for new generations. In fact, with their language and their communications - the music - they give voice to all the Italians with whom they share the following values freedom, equity, and justice.

Carlo Colpo

Lavazza's Marketing Communication and Brand Home director

The current society is full of individualism, which means no community at all. We live for little and valuable gestures that can support and help not just Others but also Ourselves. We are born to live together and a better society is built through dialogue. So, how we can start?

There's nothing better than having a coffee together to start a conversation and listen.

Lavazza Qualità Rossa wanted to narrate the Italy that future generations dream of, summarizing their desires in three values to talk about: equity, freeedom, and justice.

Marracash, Elodie and Levante, three artists who represent the new generations, have told in an integrated multi-channel campaign “the Italy they would like”: a country that puts people on the same level and that does not judge by appearances, which always allows us to be ourselves, who forgets no one and who defends everyone's ambitions.

To convey the values descibed in the initiative, limited edition packs anda a manifesto video were created. The project was amplified on TV, social media, and various partner platforms and Pr. This project is also a contest to win three exclusive live sessions with our artist Marracash, Elodie and Levante, and an opportunity for dialogue between CivicoZero's young people and out talents through meetings organized in collaboration with Save The Children.

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