Every good we use in our homes has an ecological impact that increases on the scale of a house, a city, ... Today, companies designing products for the home and lifestyle industry are facing the challenge of the century. They must reinvent their way of thinking, designing and producing to create more sustainable and respectful products.

Dassault Systèmes wanted to prove to all professionals in the world of the home (designers, engineers, manufacturers, logisticians, marketers, etc.) that with Dassault Systèmes tools, it is possible to reinvent the design and production process to create homegoods with a lower carbon footprint.


Through a BtoB campaign, we decided to demonstrate that the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can reduce the ecological footprint of every product in the home. And consequently, of an entire house, city, country...


To achieve this, we created THE POSITIVE HOME PROJECT, a website that is first and foremost an average house, with its architecture, its rooms and everyday goods. With the help of designers and engineers, as well as precise data and simulations, we have improved every component of the goods in this house. To the point of drastically reducing their footprint.

This BtoB immersive experience invited professionals to visit each room of this virtual house and follow the design of its eco-designed products.

Numerous video contents such as designers and engineers interviews were produced and broadcasted in the website and social networks, as well as at B2B trade shows.


Our spectacular results, both in terms of CO2 emissions reduction and innovation in the accessibility of technical optimization, have enabled us to rekindle the interest of the Home Industry players.

We reached 189 million impressions and interacted with over 50,000 professionals. We exceeded our awareness targets with 410,000 visits at launch. The site was also recognized for its excellence in terms of experience, winning a CSS Design Award and a FWA of the day.

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Grand prix de l'experience client

Grand prix de l'experience client

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Grand prix de l'experience client

Grand prix de l'experience client

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CSS Design awards


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